Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Research Paper Topic

My research paper topic is about senior citizens and health care. The research question for this is, what can senior citizens do to protect their assets such as their homes and their savings accounts when they become sick and need assistance, as well as what is the government doing to help them? The conventional wisdom of this paper is to show that there are not enough programs that help support senior citizens besides Medicare.

This topic is important is important to me because when my grandmother needed to look for an assisted living home, we barely had the money to afford it. In order to pay for it, she had to use her bank account and now thousands of dollars is being taken from her every month. If the money was moved she would of been sued, so once her bank account is depleted if we don't have the money she will be kicked out. I want to research this topic because i want to know what can be done to help people recieve the help that they need.

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