Friday, September 14, 2007

see u later Uncle Bob

i loved almost everything about this course; the way we wrote our papers and how connected everyone was. i hope that we all keep in touch and Uncle Bob, i hope u keep in touch too.
improvements? Keep doing what you do Uncle Bob and I wish everyone a great school year.


I really like this program because it help me discover my strengths and weaknesses. I like the most when we did our definning moment essay because it really make me think of what really matters to me. I think the program is great.

What Jenean Thinks About Bridge

Bridge has been a wonderful experience for me. It has introduced me to the actual components of a collge students daily life. I was able to meet people from all over and get to know them. This way, I will be able to recognize some familiar faces when class actually begin. It has closed the gap between high school and college. I am very grateful for the bridge program!

Lauren's Final Thoughts

I thought this program helped me alot. It got me back into writing and refreshed my skills. It got me to think out of the box and not to stick to a format. The research paper helped me out the most because it got me prepared for what to expect this year.

Bridge 2007 English Closure- IQ

I enjoyed the bridge 2007 English class. I felt that the writing skills that I learned are going to be very beneficial to me in the long run when I begin composing works in my English class this year. My favorite assignments were the defining moment essay and the research paper. The defining moment allowed me to express my inner thoughts during a special moment during my life and it helped me to realize the true writer that I was. The research paper gave me free-range to research whatever I wanted which made it easier for me to write the paper because I was interested in what I was researching and could relate. By learning the proper techniques and skills in this writing class I gained an early exposure of what to expect in the future through my academic courses. Thanks Mr. Bob. :)

Kenyatta's Final thoughts

I actually liked this course. I think the thing I liked the most was the research paper because I could just talk about everything I wanted to about my topic. I think the course is ok for next year. I didn't realy feel a lot of pressure from this course which is a good thing, so I think the students for next year will be ok.


It was very nice being in class with all of you for the past three weeks. I learned a lot about my classmates and my papers. I have a new respect for all of you and I hope you all do well here at The Ohio State University. I also hope that I get Mr. Bob as an english teacher sometime throughout the year. There is nothing really that I would suggest to change the class for the better. I like it just how it is. Although I would suggest that you keep the defining moment essay (I liked that the most), because this is where you learn how to express yourself and get to know your classmates a lot better.

~Jennifer E. Williams~

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Defining Monment (DeVon)

After ten weeks of the regular season the playoffs finally begin. My team ended with a record of 5-5, just barely making one of the last spots. For the past 5 years my school has never went past the first round and last year we didn’t even make the playoffs. This was my senior year, I had nothing but high hopes. A whole week of practice and evaluation, the time has finally come. I get on the bus with my blue and gold football bag packed at the bottom of the bus. It had all my essentials such as my jersey, pads, and the rest of my equipment. I also had to make sure that I packed my wristbands with my number 28 on it. I did my tradition of taping my cleats and drawing 28 on them in blue and gold. I started this just to distinguish my cleats from one of my fellow teammates, but I began to like the style so I kept doing it before every game. As I sit on the bus I put my slow song CD in my CD player and dose off into a deep sleep, anticipating the first step toward the state championship.
As we arrive to the stadium, all I can notice is how huge it is. I cannot believe that a high school field can look like this. I can swear we went to a college stadium. All we can hear was the rival team’s band, one of the hottest high school bands, as if they wanted their tunes to intimidate us. Our band didn’t come and they knew it. They scream that they are the “Best Band in the Land” and that our band is scared. They pump the crowd with hip-hop beats. The crowd gets hype. They yell for us to go home and that we are in “Their House.” We still keep our heads up, quiet, waiting to step onto the field.
I spend the next few hours preparing myself, as I go into a secret corner in the locker-room, shutting my ears off from everything but the sounds of Dru Hill’s “I Should Be”. It keeps me calm and patient. I put all my gear on: my blue socks, my blue pants with my leg pads in the pockets, my blue long sleeve under armor, my shoulder pads, my white wrist bands with a blue and gold 28, my white and blue jersey, my cleats and finally my gold helmet with the trademark blue paw print. I’m ready.
The time is now. It’s game time! I hear my teammates and me screaming in excitement and rage, ready to bring everything we got. I step on the field. I hear the band playing, the crowd cheering, and both teams trash talking each other. As I see the other team I think to myself “Damn, these boys are huge, but ain’t nothing gonna stop us!” The main wide receiver looks about 6 foot and is almost 200 lbs. and his back-up wasn’t too much smaller. All the linemen are close to 250 lbs. and were mostly muscle weight. Our dedicated fans who decided to make the long trip arrived. That just raised the heat. The crowds are shouting back in forth. There’s a “Go BI” here and a “Let’s beat them” there. There are also a few “Kill them mother******s” shouted out.
The coin is flipped. We get the ball first. First play of the game, I watch our star running back planting his foot for a juke and the next thing I know, he is holding his ankle in pain. All I can say is Oh Sh**! The offence just shut down. None of the back-ups were tough enough to carry the load. The defense is stopping their offence but there is only so much we can do when the offence can’t make a first down. They pull off a few touchdowns on us. I feel devastated but I am not crushed yet.
The first half goes horrible as I go back in the locker room with the score saying 21-0. There’s silence, I can feel the heart of my teammates drop. There are words of doubt and anger towards each other. I hear a teammate say that it’s over, that we lost. Others tell him to shut the hell up. They scream back and forth and the tension rise. I stay by myself, listening to the commotion. The arguing continues until a senior player quiets everything down. I hear him saying, “We’re suppose to be a team. What the hell is wrong with ya’ll. We have all this energy to fight each other but why aren’t we fighting them niggers out there?” his words fell on dead ears. They lost their will to play. I just want to know when this nightmare will end.
The second half is on. It’s not about winning now, it’s about respect. Coach wanted to evaluate the younger players, so I had to watch most of the second half on the sideline. “Damn I want to get on the field…” I don’t want to see these kids throw my last game away. I hated every minute that I had to sit out, especially for an underclassman. I couldn’t stand to watch my team being destroyed. I demanded to go back in, “Coach let me in. you see they’re just running all over them. He’s getting burnt every play.” I continued to annoy him until he finally said, “Russell get in there and you better not f*** up.” Even though the game was basically over I still played with all my heart. I tackled anyone in my way, even if they didn’t have the ball.
I see the clock, 3, 2, 1 buzzzzzzz! Game Over! We lost 28-0. I fell to my knees in disappointment and felt my tears turn to steam as they fell down my cheek. I didn’t want to congratulate the other team, but I had to out off good sportsmanship. Their eyes taunted me, they fueled my anger even the more. We huddle up. I didn’t hear a word coach said… I couldn’t; it didn’t matter to me. My high school football career was over. The chances to play in front of my friends and family are over. As I started towards the locker room, I felt my father’s hand on my shoulder. He hugged me and told me that I played a good game. That still couldn’t wipe the tears off my eyes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aushayu Spann's topic

Marijuana vs. alcohol

Are the effects of marijuana worse than the effects of alcohol consumption? My research paper is going to cover the long and short term effects of smoking marijuana vs. the long and short term effects of alcohol.

The conventional wisdom is according to the law marijuana is worse, because it is illegal.

Kenyatta's Topic

My research topic is living on campus versus commuting. My question is: Is living in the dorms more beneficial to students than commuting? I want to talk about the pros and cons of both circumstances to try to determine which is potentially better.

LaToya's topic

My research topic is the effects of Alcoholism on Parenting.
My question is how this affects the children suffering from an alcoholic parent.
Conventional wisdom: People usually view alcoholics as sickly and victims of alcohol.

the rise of blacks in sports management

The rising number of African Americanss in the field of Sports Management interests me because that is the field that I want to enter into. Sports Management is a rising and competitive field alone, so being part of the minoity makes it even harder to rise and compete in. being a mostly "white" career makes me even more interest in being part of the rise. My question is How are the increasing number of black sports angents effecting the career field?

-DeVon Russell

Identical Twins

My research topic has to do with identical twins and how they can be so similar in appearance but express themselves differently. Conventional wisdom about this topic says that identical twins are exactly the same mentally and physically.
Hi Everybody,

My topic is the effect of soccer on a nation. The question i am proposing is how soccer has the ability to bring a nation together during a time of crisis. Outside of the united states most people will converse with me in a positive way. they will agree with me when i say soccer has an effect on a nations crisis and politics. in the united states, no one will really care except for the die hard soccer fans.

research paper Jose

My research paper will be about factors that affect minority students to drop from college. I find this interesting because as a new freshmen in a big school I know it can be challenging. I am going to research about factors that affect minority students to drop from school.

IQ Research Topic

After long thought to try and find a topic that would be interesting and meaningful I finally decided the topic that I want to go more in depth on-" The Physical and emotional affects on children of broken homes." I found this topic to be somewhat relative to society, but at the same time I can definitely relate to this topic. My parents got divorced at a young age and I was initially very affected but over time I developed the necessary personal growth to move past the devastation. The conventional wisdom of children whose parents get a divorce are they are usually the trouble makers at school who tend to get in fights or become anti-social. Also children who are the product of a broken home usually suffer depression especially during the early stages with dealing with divorce and become overweight.

research topic

my research topic is single parenting and its effects on both the parents and children. i chose this because it is very personal to me especially growing up in a single parent home.
my research question is that are emotional and financial difficulties the only problems faced by single parent families?
the nummber of single parent families are increasing so much that, it is redefining the meaning of nuclear family, from consisting of a mother, a father and children to a parent, either father or mother, and children.

Favoritism and Divorce


My research topic will be "Favoritism and Divorce." The question that I am posing is "What are the effects of favoritism on teenagers?" There are teenagers who are affected by favoritism after a divorce. They might have younger siblings who have been favored by one or both parents. Teenagers might need attention as well as thier siblings, especially if they have not matured by the time the divorce takes place.

Research Paper Topic

My research paper topic is about senior citizens and health care. The research question for this is, what can senior citizens do to protect their assets such as their homes and their savings accounts when they become sick and need assistance, as well as what is the government doing to help them? The conventional wisdom of this paper is to show that there are not enough programs that help support senior citizens besides Medicare.

This topic is important is important to me because when my grandmother needed to look for an assisted living home, we barely had the money to afford it. In order to pay for it, she had to use her bank account and now thousands of dollars is being taken from her every month. If the money was moved she would of been sued, so once her bank account is depleted if we don't have the money she will be kicked out. I want to research this topic because i want to know what can be done to help people recieve the help that they need.

Research Topic

Hi Everyone,

My research topic is titled "Drugs and Poverty in the African American community". My research question is : How is Drugs related to Poverty in the African American community? I choose to write about this topic because I have personal experience with these two things. Several members my family have been involved with drugs, thus causing them to fall deeper into poverty. I just want people to understand that although drugs and poverty are two different things, they are closely related.

My Research Paper

Hello everyone!

My topic is "Prison and the Black Man: The Effects of the American Jail System Throughout History." My question that I will be researching is: "How can and how has jail affected the black community (specifically black males)? The conventional wisdom concering this topic is that black males are irresponsible, they have no goals, and are destined to become a number in the penitentiary . I have a personal connection with this issue because my father was and currently is included in the vast number of African-American inmates in the U.S.
My research question is what are the emotional effects of children and adults who are overweight and obese? People who are obese or overweight experience an emotional roller coaster because of the trauma that is left on them by their peers. I want people to understand that people who are overweight or obese go through a lot in their lives.

Domestic Violence

My research question is what are the effects on domestic violence victims and how it effects those closely connected with them . The conventional wisdom on domestic violence is that only those who have first-handedly witnessed the abuse are hurt. However, the effects of domestic violence goes farther beneath what many believe.

Jenean Stokes

Alcohol Abuse and it Effects on the Immediate Family

How do parents that abuse alcohol effect their spouse and children? I will answer this question throughout my research paper.
The conventionl wisdom is that people who drink only drink to have fun, and that it only hurts the one who drinks in the long run. But this is proven to be wrong, because of studies conducted on students with alcoholic parents.
I have personally witnesses the effect alcohol has on the immediate family, because my family had to suffer through trying to support my father's habit.

Topic for Research Paper

Hello to everyone! I have decided that for my research paper, I am going to research the topic of the transition from being an only child to becoming a sibiling. As you all know I was an only child for ten years before my little brother was brought into my life. It was a very diffcult transition for me. Many people believe that only children are cold hearted spoiled brats and that they never fully grow out of being an only child. My research question is what are the affects of being an only child and how long does it take to grow out of that only child mentality? ~Courtney

Sunday, September 9, 2007

monday september 10th

hi class: i am so so sorry that i am not there in class. i flew to denver on friday to see a college friend and his family, and thought i had a ticket home for sunday night. well, i went to print my boarding pass and was headed to the airport.......only to find out the ticket agent booked me home on a flight SATURDAY and not sunday. arrrrgh!

luckily, i guess, even though i am sad i am gonna miss it, the class for monday was scheduled to visit the library....a librarian there Cyndi Preston will give you a presentation and effective research techniques, then you will have a lot of time to actually start your research.

so, in that time, please start finding books/articles/materials for use with whatever topic you have selected. if you haven't picked just one topic, use this time to do preliminary research and decide what research materials are available and then make a decision.

again, i am so sorry i am not there. we have a LOT of work to do in this the final week of the course...but at least your class-time monday will be spent very very productively.

sincerely, bob

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Morning Bridge Peers,
My name is Latoya Sweatt but you can just address me as Toya. To tell a little about my self, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I plan on majoring in psychology and criminology. Then further on to Law school. I have seven sisters an no brothers. I have two nephews that I love very much and a niece on the way in October. I went to a school in Cincinnati called Withrow University and ranked number one out of a hundred and sixty students. Most of my friends went to the dirty south for school and I really miss doing my favorite things with them. My favorite things to do are to take my nephews to the park, go to the clubs and parties or to just to chill with my friends. The rest of my info is personal and if you would like to know more about me jsut ask.

All about Lexy!

HI MR. BOB!!!! My name is Alexis Pounds and I am from Shaker Heights. It is a suburb of Cleveland. While I was in high school I was president of modern dance club, captain of raiderettes (field dancers for halftime football games), soprano leader of the school choir and a leader of a black history month production. As you can see, I am in love with the arts. I am a laid back person. There's not much to me.... My favorite singer is Beyonce. LOVE HER!! She's my idol.

Omar's Intro

Dear Uncle Bob,

I was born Omar Philip Turay in Chicago. I have two sisters and three brothers. My oldest brother and sister both are alumni from the University of Illinois. I grew up in a neighborhood on Chicago's north side called, uptown. During my high school career i moved to the south side where i attended Kenwood. I am interested in every single sport activity there is out there. I enjoy going out to parties where i can dance and mingle with beautiful women. I love to play video games and i enjoy acting crazy and wild, but in a good way. I will be double majoring in business administration and sports and leisure studies. aside from sports and school i play the tenor saxophone and i love THE WIRE and NIKE.

Hello everyone! I am Brandon Smith, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated last year from Southwest Dekalb High School in Decatur. Musis is one of my biggest hobbies. I love all types of music ranging from hip-hop and R&B to rock and alternative. In a sense I don't label music genres. I also write music in my spare time. I'll find a song off the radio and transpose it to sheet music. That's pretty fun. I might be playing in the athletic band sometime during my college career. Besides music, I enjoy playing tennis and basketball.

Personality wise, I'm pretty laid-back. Many would describe me as somewhat of an "old-spirit" because of some of the things that I believe in. My morals are pretty good and I'm very friendly. My plans for college are to be very sociable with the people at Ohio State, along with attaining a master's degree in some form of business (right now, it's marketing).