Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello everyone! I am Brandon Smith, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated last year from Southwest Dekalb High School in Decatur. Musis is one of my biggest hobbies. I love all types of music ranging from hip-hop and R&B to rock and alternative. In a sense I don't label music genres. I also write music in my spare time. I'll find a song off the radio and transpose it to sheet music. That's pretty fun. I might be playing in the athletic band sometime during my college career. Besides music, I enjoy playing tennis and basketball.

Personality wise, I'm pretty laid-back. Many would describe me as somewhat of an "old-spirit" because of some of the things that I believe in. My morals are pretty good and I'm very friendly. My plans for college are to be very sociable with the people at Ohio State, along with attaining a master's degree in some form of business (right now, it's marketing).

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