Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My name is Michael Paitoo. I usually go by Pay2 because its very unique. I love Soccer and anything that has to do with it. I prefer the European Leagues over the MLS for many various reasons, such as the players, teams and popularity. I am a first generation college student and want to make my parents proud of their oldest and only son. I have a younger sister who is eleven years old and goes by the name Kimberly. Sports are a major part of my life and they provide motivation for my ability to excel in academics. Predominantly because they keep me focused and help me concentrate on my school work. Soccer has allowed me to exercise my team working techniques and develop strong composure. It has also put me in the Columbus Dispatch twice.
I enjoy reading various pieces of literature and some books that I have come to admire are The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Great Gatsby, and Jane Eyre. I am outgoing and play video games from time to time such as FIFA 07, Halo, Guitar Hero, and Gears of War. I love to stay in shape and to eat healthy. One interesting fact about myself is that I was born in Italy and speak fluent Italian. I go on vacation every other summer to visit friends and just relax. Music plays a strong part of my life because it helps me focus on whatever i need to at the moment.Attending The Ohio State University is already becoming a great experience. I plan to major in Pharmacy, although until then I am still trying to explore other medical fields. Graduating from this institution will be a great achievement which I wish to accomplish.
GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi michele....i'm marco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I read your article!!It is very nice....bye bye