Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hi Uncle Bob!!
MY 18th BIRTHDAY IS IN 15 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Aushayu Spann but no one can ever pronounce my name so I will help you out... Ah-Shay-A! I was bron and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I graduated from Columbus Africentric Early College and I went to Franklin Alternative Middle School. I have a very close family that is very proud of me and I will be the first in my nuclear attend a university. My favorite color is orange because its so bright, fun, and thats usally no one else favorite color. I love to be different from everyone else. I am very excited about becoming a buckeye. My major is Textiles and Clothing because FASHION is all that I know!! My little sister is my best friend because we have so much in common. We both have a great sense of humor and can make the whole entire worl laugh or smile. I love to shop, eat, workout, party, and have fun with my friends. I was voted prettiest girl, most popular, and biggest flirt in high school. I was also called a social butterfly because I was nice and talked to everyone and I was also Homecoming Queen and would have won PROM queen but I could not win both according to the principal...can we say HATER!!!...lol!! The most beautiful place I have ever been in my life was Nassua, Bahamas. I went there on my senior trip in March and April of 2007. There I got my frist tattoo without my mom's permission but she wasn't mad when I got home... she said it looked really pretty. I have 2 other tattoos besides the one I get in the bahamas. My favortie numbers are 7 and 11 which just so happens to be the years that I graduate. I love laughing and I love my Life and would trade it for the world. My favortie phrase is "Live love laugh"... because I feel life is to short to do anything else.

My favorite singer is Beyonce because she is really pretty and I feel that she is a real women because she is so independent and she doesnt need Jay because she has her own money!! I think Trey Songz is one of the sexiest men alive beside Chris Brown, Brad Pitt and Johny Deep. My biggest fear is becoming a statistic and my biggest dream is becoming the world NEXT TOP MODEL.


J-Stokes said...

wat it shawtay. thanks for the comment. i love ya back roomy!

J-Stokes said...

i meant to say wat it do but yea u know wat i mean, thug life. i'm out ma. Lol!!