Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My name is DeVon Russell. I was born in Watertown, NY. Right after I was born I left for Cleveland, OH. I spent my younger years there with my mom's side of my family while my father was stationed in Hawii. After a while my mom left for personal reasons, but i came back up to visit every now and then. Because of my dad being in the military I ended up moving to Hinesville, GA, which is 30 minutes from Savannah.
I enjoy anything any young, black man would do. i like to play sports, mainly football. I played runnerback, linebacker, and cornerback in highschool. I also run track, but I basically did that to stay in shape during the offseason. I also participated in a weight lifting competition where I got 2nd in regions, but got killed at state, but I wasn't in last place though.
I'm pretty straight to chill with. I mostly laid back, but I'll wild out in a minute. Well that's all ya'll need to know for now.

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