Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Heller (that means hello if you've ever seen any of Tyler Perry's plays). My name is Jenean Latrice Stokes and I am from Canton, Ohio. I graduated from Canton McKinley High School located exactly next to The Pro Football Hall of Fame where I ranked 12th out of 411 students. I was born in Corporos Cove, Texas on December 21, 1988 making me over 18 and a half now. I played volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, track, and clarinet in the bulldog marching band for my school. I actually was fortunate enough to go to states in the 4x200m relay in 2005 and run on the Jesse Owens Stadium track. I love sports, listening to music, R&B and rap in particular, and spending time with my Pooky back home(that's what I call him). I have a 23 year old sister and a 17 year old brother and I raised by my grandmother. I look forward to what you, Uncle Bob, have in store for us in this program. Toodles!!


Princess Shay said...

Jeanen... I love ya babes!!!!!!!!!

J-Stokes said...

Wat it do shawtay thanks for the comment. Love ya back roomy!

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