Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My name is Shanae and I am currently a student at [The] Ohio State University GO BUCKEYES!!!!!! I'm from Akron, Ohio and at my high school (buchtel high school GO GRIFFINS!)I was known as "the girl who was in everything"....you should see my vita. I am a only child so the whole sharing a bath and bedroom is going to be a big learning experience I plan to major in Biology but i'm looking into chemisry because i'm surprisingly good at it.I lo-ve music... my favorite genres are emo and indie hip hop..... I lo-ve fall out boy, my chemical romance, gym class heroes, and jurassic 5...there's a lot more but I refuse to sit here all day typing them...lol...I’m a silly person and I hate boundaries. I need my freedom to do whatever I want. My individuality means everything to me. It’s what makes me [me].... I hate when I see a group of friends and they're all alike...I need diversity in my life.......so basically I am a only child, good at science and lo-ve music and other than that i'm pretty normal. =^P

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