Monday, August 27, 2007

course syllabus

OMA Bridge Class

Autumn 2007

Instructor: Bob Eckhart

Course Description: There will be three writing assignments: First-day Writing, Defining Moment Essay, and Research Paper. You will give a short powerpoint presentation about your research paper, and we will also discuss parts of Warriors Don't Cry.

Objectives: The objectives are very simple:to teach you the writing process and acquaint you with academic writing. Also, I hope this course can help you down the path to discover your voice as a writer.

Course blog: This will be the main resource site for our should refer to it for information about assignments.

Writing assignments:

  1. First-day essay. This is a 50-minute timed writing assignment on a topic which is given to you. At the end of class, please print two for me and one for you. For homework, please read and revise your effort. At the beginning of class Tuesday, I will give you time to improve your original effort and turn in another version of it. This essay will be 1-2 pages long.

  2. Defining moment essay. We will start this assignment on Wednesday of Week 1 and spend the rest of the week on it. Each of us has many identities—for example, i am a son, brother, uncle...a cross-country biker, a shortstop, a piano player, etc—so pick one facet of your identity and write about the moment that defined this identity. This essay will be 2-3 pages long.

  3. Research paper. Either based on your reading of Warriors Don't Cry, or your defining moment essay, you will generate a research question to try and answer in the last two weeks of the class. This will be an MLA-style paper, written using three sources, and in-text citations. I will show you how to do all of this in class and the research paper is merely an opportunity to experiment with these new skills. This paper will be 5-7 pages long.

Powerpoint presentation:

  1. It is important that you become comfortable presenting information to your classmates. So, I will help familiarize yourself with this important program and compile your research findings into an interactive and engaging 5-minute presentation, which you will deliver to your classmates on the last day (or two) of class.

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